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The wrestling they watched on their black-and-white television sets on Saturday afternoons represented a brief intrusion of life and colour in their otherwise monochrome lives. Their work overalls were faded, the sofa cover—unchanged for years—was faded, their memories of the people they had been before coming to England were fading too. My parents, their whole generation, treadmilled away the best years of their lives toiling in factories for shoddy paypackets. A life of drudgery, of deformed spines, of chronic arthritis, of severed hands. They bit their lips and put up with the pain.

They had no option but to. In their minds they tried to switch off—to ignore the slights of co-workers, not to bridle against the glib cackling of foremen, and, in the case of Indian women, not to fret when they were slapped about by their husbands. Put up with the pain, they told themselves, deal with the pain—the shooting pains up the arms, the corroded hip joints, the back seizures from leaning over sewing machines for too many years, the callused knuckles from handwashing clothes, the rheumy knees from scrubbing the kitchen floor with their husbands' used underpants.

But they also wanted the good guy, just for once, to triumph over the bad guy. They wanted the swaggering, braying bully to get his come-uppance. They prayed for the nice guy, lying there on the canvas, trapped in a double-finger interlock or clutching his kidneys in agony, not to submit. If only he could hold out just a bit longer, bear the pain, last the course. If only he did these things, chances were, wrestling being what it was, that he would triumph. It was only a qualified victory, however. You'd see the winner, exhausted, barely able to wave to the crowd.

The triumph was mainly one of survival. Sofitel Legend Old Cataract has retained the Victorian beauty and elegance that have charmed royalty and celebrities, adventurers and dreamers since Feast your eyes on magical scarlet and cream-colored Islamic arches, intricate Moor panels and fixtures, and finely crafted furnishings in the hotel lobby.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of a bygone era in the Old Palace Wing; delight in the thrilling contrast of the contemporary, equally lavish, Nile Wing. Indulge an oriental spa, gourmet dining, supreme hospitality. An exclusive destination since the start of the 20th century, Sofitel Old Cataract offers a superlative experience of refinement, relaxation, and exceptional warmth.

They're crazy. One billion of us. Worse than bad… That's crazy. I want you to get up right now… ,, Stick your head out of your window and yell: ,, I'm mad as hell! We are committed to providing results and quality service for our Members. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of integrity and transparency, guided by respect for others and the world in which we live.


As an organization, FAO values the diversity of ideas and people and fosters a respectful work environment. Teamwork, knowledge sharing and learning are the essence of our work practices. All our actions are based on sound ethical standards. Mindful of the seriousness and importance of our mandate, we are proud to work for FAO and are fully committed to its mission of building a food-secure world for present and future generations.

Turn on the TV for a shake-up, to see my world unravel Before my eyes!

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I can't imagine such a life, torn apart by misunderstanding. Why's it have to be so hard to come together, and comprehending? Tell me how the hate got between us? How'd they tear apart and bring down nations? Did the men of trust lose their faith and walk away? Tell me There is no hope, no dreams, no inspiration; No laughs, no lights, no days, just nights. All that I once knew; just gone away As I walk near empty streets; no one laughing; no joy in anyone. A coldness grips my soul; I can barely lift my feet. It makes me wonder if I'll ever see tomorrow?

The dust and smoke choke my throat Coat my eyes; shading out once blue skies. My tears flow on my cheeks like water here once did. Someone help us; help me out of here All Rights Reserved.

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These stitches mend Stitches bind Stitches leave differences behind. These stitches mend Stitches heal Stitches allow us to feel How can you do this? What were you thinking?

Did you think that you could speak for us all? How am I a threat when I wear all my thoughts on my sleeve? Their Lies C. Van Scyoc Who'd have believed it's possible? I took it for granted, reasonable. That we're all indifferent - immune to pain. But, when we're the victims we all scream in vain. You say it's their problem; I'm unconcerned. Yet, you make accusations; your trust is burned. Why are you beholden to their twisted words? You'll find out the hard way; get put in the earth. So how do we stop it, our descent into hell?

Their Lies!

I hear the wicked sell heaven with some false reward. But, I see their darkness, which they don't tell. Just open your heart up and walk away with life. I scream for we people; I shall be heard. False leaders and con men don't mean an honest word. It's all lies and sorrow across our tired world. The helpless are dying voice of pain. I hear it's our history repeated again. How do we stop it, our descent into hell? So smile at a stranger from a foreign land.

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Lay down their hatred to shake his hand. Because we're all brothers and sisters, see?

Together we'll bury this misery. Just, open your heart up and walk away with life! A new day is coming for you and me!

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