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If a movie deal hasn't been made, I'm sure there's one in the works. Though my expectations were met, nay exceeded, I still felt a loss when I turned the final pages. With his unique take on the hitman thriller, Chris Holm claims his place amongst the best suspense novelists working today. It takes real talent to make a hero of a cold-blooded killer, and Chris Holm pulls it off with style. Here's a solid gold premise: an assassin who only kills other assassins The cat-and-mouse game that follows is pure joy This novel is so fast-moving, so expertly arranged, every piece fitting together with a well-oiled snap, that it feels weaponized.

Thankfully, most so-called believers appear to be less dogmatic since they reject murdering their daughters, wives, slaves and friends as punishment for disobedience to God. They maintain their faith by cherry picking those parts in the Book which they agree with and reject the rest.

Logically, no cherry picking believer will actually go to heaven.

Christian and Islamic females, if the instructions of how to treat wives, daughters, and slaves in the Bible or Koran were to be explicitly followed literally to the letter of the 8th century, need to be ignorant, impoverished and a dependent slave to any man who wants sex anywhere anytime with anyone the owner of a religious female designates, as required in the Bible and Koran.

I have read both Books. Personally, I like being able to read, write and have a working, social and athletic life, free to roam where I please without a man outside of the bedroom, kitchen and house! I think that is why so many so-called believers cherrypick. They do not like those parts either. But if these instructions in the Good Books are really by God, I will not be the only one not enjoying the benefits of an enslaved female in heaven. Shockingly, when dirt and roots have been dug out, human bones appear.

Did the workers accidentally dig up a cemetery?

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Unfortunately, no. Charlie Parker has become a white-collar detective. He is feeling a little disrespected by his clients, but they pay his bills. Except for the disrespect, he is happy with being a normal middle-class individual. Sort of. It is not only that he dislikes Mercier, or that Rachel would not like him to take on dangerous jobs again, but Parker is afraid of tapping a dark place inside of himself.

Parker has a reservoir of hurt and hate created by the murders of his wife and child three years ago. Parker had discovered when a young man he was the kind of guy who runs out on a girl, specifically Grace Peltier, if she thinks she might be pregnant to his everlasting regret and guilt.

So he takes the case. Parker learns Grace was investigating a religious cult, the Aroostook Baptists. The Aroostooks had been created by a charismatic minister, Reverend Faulkner, his wife, Louise and their two children. That investigation somehow led Grace to where her body was found - the street in front of another religious organization, The Fellowship, headed by a man called Carter Paragon. While the Aroostook Baptists had mysteriously disappeared in , The Fellowship are an active concern, advertising for dollars and support.

But when Parker wants to make an appointment with Paragon to find out if Grace had spoken to him, all kinds of hell open up. A very terrible man, Mr. Pudd, begins to threaten Parker. Pudd seems to be a protector of The Fellowship. A mafioso, Al Z, contacts Parker with a different case he wants Parker to take. Ragle is in trouble with the law because in his movies he has allowing the killing of spiders and rats by women squashing them with high heels.


Ragle has been receiving death threats from a certain odd gentleman - Mr. At this point, Parker starts seeing ghosts again. Not good. View 2 comments. How do you review a book this astoundingly good? There wasn't anything here that I could say I didn't honestly love about this book. John Connolly has it all from characterization, emotional turmoil, physical trauma, and electrifying atmosphere. I've already purchased the next book in this series, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Mar 12, Brandon rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , detective-books , , john-connolly.

The disappearance of a religious community in Maine had long since been the subject of controversy.

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Can Charlie uncover the truth behind the murders or will his connection with the afterlife ultimately The disappearance of a religious community in Maine had long since been the subject of controversy. Can Charlie uncover the truth behind the murders or will his connection with the afterlife ultimately lead to his downfall? With Every Dead Thing and Dark Hollow, Connolly spends a great deal of time getting to know Parker while also establishing a world in which his characters can live and breathe.

However, with Killing Kind, Connolly takes the characters into as dark a direction as he can. Playing up the supernatural aspects that lingered in the first two books, Connolly puts it on front street for the reader to experience. Basically, what Connolly does is infuses those supernatural elements from the first two novels and turns the volume up to eleven. Connolly very much keeps the core story in the "real world". Parkers main adversary this time around, Mr. Pudd is excellently well developed.

Using recluse spiders as a means to kill his victims, I can confidently tell you that my skin was crawling on more than a few occasions. His relationship with his girlfriend, Rachel, begins to feel the strain of his job as well as his growing connection with the spirit of his first wife and daughter.

Outside of where we find Parker in the outset of Every Dead Thing, Killing Kind and The White Road take Parker to his absolute limit so we truly get to understand what a gripping character he is. Recommended to Mark by: My experience with Mr. Shelves: , , detective , dark-tales , john-connolly , charlie-parker , irish-writer , The one book in the series I had up till now only owned in paperback, and now upgraded to a Hardcover version that fitted well with the whole series in hardcover. Some books will be kept and reread and I prefer them in the best way possible, this is one of those series.

This book has now been reread once more and made darn sure that I will not watch the movie "Arachnophobia" anytime soon. An early Charlie Parker novel that sets him on the road for future installments, religion, faith are the The one book in the series I had up till now only owned in paperback, and now upgraded to a Hardcover version that fitted well with the whole series in hardcover. An early Charlie Parker novel that sets him on the road for future installments, religion, faith are the strong undertones in this novel.

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And yet they are not about the faith but the people living their faith and obsessions. The story really starts with Charlie being hired to look into a suicide of which the employer is really not sure that is the cause of death. The lady in question was examining a certain Christian cult in the sixties that happened to vanish of the earth.

Spooky and Poe References in the Killing Kind

Well as the story shows into the earth as the story goes their final resting place has been found and the evidence shows murder. While Parker continues his investigation he meets some people he would rather not have met and these characters prove to be lethal to even the most hardened of criminals.

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As Parker and his friends discover more and more they find that it is all more than they had wished for. Even the late Travelling Man does make an unwanted appearance in this story which gives a clue how awefull all will be for Charlie and his friends. His friends being Angel a master burglar and Louis a assassin, both retired! And of course his girlfriend Rachel who once again gets dragged into the affairs of her boyfriend.

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This time with her eyes open. This book offers an insight in the new motivations of Charlie Parker when confronted with evil, it will scare you if you have a problem with spiders. While this story does touch the religious movement of an early 20th century in Maine it is not so much about religion but about good vs bad. And the story begins with the finding of a mass grave It is no longer Stephen King that shows us the evil parts from Maine, John Connolly does a brilliant job too.