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OMG! The Babysitter's a Witch!! (Scary Kids Parody)

It's more PG than it sounds. The author, R.

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A young boy is the only one immune to a strange cat's hypnotic control of his family. Character driven, infinitely unsettling, and full of depth, unsettling tale is a modern classic. Ten-year-old Harvey Swick runs away from home to the Holiday House, a magical place where there's no school, no parents, and every night is Halloween.

But Holiday House isn't as perfect as it seems — there are dark secrets hidden in the house. Once Harvey discovers where he really is, he may have to give up everything to escape. Night after night, Amy's family of dolls re-enacts the murder of her great-grandparents.


Toys that move and an unsolved murder… what else could a reader ask for? An oldie but still a goodie, with witches, wizards, undead, and the end of the world. In book one , five orphans find themselves mysteriously invited to a deadly house with a strange past that has no intention of letting them escape.

Genuine suspense and scares abound through the three book series and the covers and photo illustrations are no joke too. Every volume in C. Eerie and atmospheric, find out what happens when all the adults at an already dysfunctional boys' detention facility die in a freak accident. Did I mention that this facility is on a creepy island that's slowly or not so slowly sinking deeper into the ocean?

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan is about a typical suburban neighborhood turned on its head. From the inside cover to the very last page, this book is full to bursting with creepy, weird, and beautiful art with short stories to match. Short on visceral detail and long in suggestion, each story basically built up a scary situation and then cut off right as the kids were about to encounter whatever was looming out there looking for them.

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My favorite story is "The Girl with the Green Ribbon. There's magic, mystery, and straight-up horror. The black-and-white illustrations that accompany each story are absolutely perfect. Have trouble reading standard print? Staff picks are chosen by NYPL staff members and are not intended to be comprehensive lists. A determined baby witch from NYPL's postcard collection. View all posts by Gwen Glazer. Comments Patron-generated content represents the views and interpretations of the patron, not necessarily those of The New York Public Library.

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Post new comment Your name. The rhyme scheme and repetition give this poem the songlike qualities that would be expected in a romance. Witchcraft — and punishing innocent people for nothing more than superstition — is nothing new to cinema.

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This puts the family through a test of loyalty and morality that is captured flawlessly on screen. I may be biased, as I live in Massachusetts, but seeing what looks like my backyard in some of these scenes makes it a tad more unsettling. As they seek shelter in the castle of Dr. Not only can this extravagant film be enjoyed in the comforts of your own home, but it also has an extensive following of theatre companies who produce interactive showings with a live cast.

This Halloween season, I encourage you to check out a local showing. As Dr. This movie is not for the faint-hearted — people are killed left and right, and lecherous activity creeps throughout Tokyo, where the film is set. There is no shortage of blood, revenge plots, or mercilessness on behalf of Nakagawa — one needs a clear mind and a tough disposition to get through it all, especially the later sections of the film.

Kenny Ortega brought us this cultural phenomenon in , years before slapping Disney to pieces with Troy Bolton and the East High Wildcats. The witches — better known as the Sanderson sisters — have a hard time adjusting to the 20th century when they realize Halloween has become a holiday where children run around in costumes and eat candy. News Ticker. Previous article.